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Late Director’s Doc Gets Digital Release

September 29th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


In Europe, movies are finally going digital. “It’s here; it’s real,” says a spokesperson for the European distributor Cine Classics. According to Variety, the first film to be released throughout Europe by satellite, as part of the digital rollout, will be Christian Poveda‘s 2008 documentary La Vida Loca (The Crazy Life) about the well known Mara street gangs in El Salvador. The announcement is bittersweet, due to the fact that, on Sept. 2, Poveda was killed in a suburb of El Salvador by a Mara gang member after he had completed a day of filming for his next project. Poveda, who had been traveling to El Salvador since the early 80s, first as a photojournalist for Time magazine, had talked about his experiences working in the economically troubled country, saying,

There’s really nothing to fear. I never had any problem in any of the four years that I worked there. I did not feel in danger.”

His fearlessness made making such an intense film possible. Sadly, it also cost him his life. La Vida Loca will be distributed into 130 theaters when in opens on September 30.

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