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Lindsay Lohan’s New ‘Labor’ of Love: TV Movies


What can you say about Lindsay Lohan. Her personal life has been the subject of public fodder for years now. We’ve seen her meltdowns, hang-ups, family squabbles, girl troubles and just about every other personal issue on full display. I think that well has run dry. Truth be told, she’s a fine comedic actress. Remember Georgia Rule? Awful, awful movie. But Lohan actually gave a good performance (unlike the bizarre side-show Felicity Huffman put on).

So it’s unfortunate that she’s been cast off into the land of Hollywood has-beens, currently occupied by such faces as Tara Reid and Mischa Barton. Lohan is very famous and has a proven natural comedic presence on camera.

However difficult her antics, you’d think she’d be getting some roles here and there. But Tinsletown is just too cruel and unforgiving. Once you’re labeled a difficult actor, the writing’s on the wall. And that’s probably one of the reasons why Lohan can now add television (and a spray tan endorsement) to her resume.

Her latest comedy Labor Pains was not picked up for theatrical release. Instead, ABC Family bought the rights and aired it last night, billing it as an original movie. Lohan doesn’t have to feel too embarrassed, though, as Cheryl Hines, Chris Parnell and Janeane Garofalo also appear in it.

From the looks of the poster (pictured above) the photoshopper made her head abnormally large, then curiously added an odd supernatural glow. At first glance, I thought it was the sequel to Mars Attacks! Here’s a link to the LA Times story about it.

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