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Lisa Kudrow and the Rise of Web Series

October 22nd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


Web series are becoming more and more prevalent these days. They’re cost effective, less risky to produce and have few creative limits. It’s no wonder why a big name actress such as Lisa Kudrow would want to star in one. Hers is called Web Therapy, a live-action comedy in the same vein of Dr. Katz–lots of celebrity guest stars like Courtney Cox, Jane Lynch and Alan Cumming. While Kudrow enjoyed a good decade-long run on NBC’s Friends, her critically acclaimed comedy, The Comeback, was pulled after one season on HBO.

Its innovative use of the reality show device to tell the story may have been too strange for television. On the web, where there are strong niche audiences and less interference, it might have become a viral hit. The opposite is true with Quarterlife, which was watched by over nine million fans online, but received extremely low ratings when aired on television.

Clearly, the internet is the way to go if you don’t feel like dealing with the network rigmarole. The last thing Kudrow would want to do is go back to the ever struggling NBC, which just canceled one of its only acclaimed series, Southland. Executives at the network have been cleaning up shop so much lately, I wouldn’t be surprised if NBC turns into a furniture dealer. We’ll see what happens with Web Therapy, now in its second season. With YouTube as its sponsor, it just may be getting better ratings than The Jay Leno Show. And that’s no joke.

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  1. January 2nd, 2011 at 03:04 | #1

    I love this article and website, Lisa and wish you great success. I actually liked “The Comeback” and was sorry to see it go on tv…As the writer, director, producer and art director of a webseries Pink Slip http://pinkslip.tv/ or on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/InfoatPinkSliptvsm I couldn’t agree with you more about the isssue of the artistic freedom and creative control. If you have a chance check out this fashionista, gender-bending, romantic-comedy for tough economic times and please let me know what you think. I’ve never done anything like this before, so it may be rough around the edges, but we had an extremely low budget (less than $15,000)and so we had to shoot very fast. All of the scenes were shot in my home, not on location…so that we could get more footage for the buck….my pool area became a Tiki bar, our community room was turned into a Jungle Bar and a fashion runway, an audition scene, as well as shooting all of Pink Slip – Part 4 – The Dance in that location…all things considered we did okay, but can do better with cash. I hope you have a chance to check it out. Part 4 is my favorite….it’s sort of “Sex and the City” meets “Tootsie” or “Bosom Buddies”

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