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Mamma Mia!: A Spice Girls Musical Is Heading To Broadway Faster Than You Can Say Zig-A-Zig-Ah


With economic forces driving audiences to the nearest Redbox sooner than the nearest ticket counter these days, Broadway producers have become increasingly desperate to lure theatergoers with a good gimmick. What better one, than to use familiar pop songs that already have a built in audience. Bob Dylan, Billy Joel and even Boy George have had their songbooks used as the basis for Broadway musicals. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that music empresario Simon Fuller has teamed up with Mamma Mia! producer Judy Craymer to create the musical Viva Forever! using the music of the Spice Girls, the British pop group that scored several top ten hits in the late 90s. Craymer says it will not be based on the story of the actual group. She said:

It’ll be a mix of fact and fiction, a story of women and friendship. The Spice Girls create a lot of excitement and the show will tap into the essence of them.

A show about the actual story of the group could have been good too, depicting their rise to fame with all of the subsequent in fighting and tensions, followed by Ginger Spice‘s abrupt exit. It would have made for a rollicking Broadway version of VH1’s Behind The Music. Fuller, who managed the group to success, says he has been interested in working Craymer for some time now. He said:

Judy is a star. I’ve been dying to be involved with her for a long time.

He says the show will fulfill his desire to:

create something really special for this next decade.

If it proves to be a success, the great white way will probably have to start making room for more theatrical productions based off of other 90s pop acts like Ace of Base, TLC and Alanis Morrisette. I’m sure that’s exactly what audiences want, what they really, really, want. Here’s hoping it’s at least slightly more watchable than Spice World.


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