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Martin Scorsese Endorses Blu-ray


In his book, A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, the famous director of classic films like Raging Bull and Goodfellas says his love of cinema began as early as he can remember. He says about his childhood,

I became obsessed with the movies at that time, there was nothing really available that I could find written about film ­­­‑‑ except one book–my first film book. But I couldn’t afford to buy it.”

Scorsese, whose new movie Shutter Island is set to open February 19, recently gave a speech in Washington D.C. to talk about Blu-ray Technology.

He addressed the crowd at a Blu-ray convention, saying that the home theater technology:

creates a completely different experience.

He’s so smitten with it that he says it can be,

like experiencing the film for the first time again.

His daughter seems to think so too. He said:

I have a daughter who’s 10, and she can’t tell the difference between old films and new films.

Although he still believes that seeing movies in a darkened theater is the best way to see films, he says Blu-ray:

allows the film to be seen as closely as possible to how it was intended to be.

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