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‘Melrose Place’ And ‘90210’ No Longer Must-See TV

September 9th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


According to Nielsen, 90210 and Melrose Place premiered last night to low ratings. In the highly coveted 18-34 demographic, Melrose Place received a 1.5 rating and 90210 received a 1.7 rating. These are weak numbers, especially when you consider that 90210 premiered with a 3.1 rating the year before. In contrast, the big winner of the night, Hell’s Kitchen, managed a 3.6 rating in the same age group. Bad news for the CW, which has spared no expense on the marketing campaign to promote the launch of the show.

The poster looks as if Gossip Girl and Twilight had a baby. Those are some shiny people! And in case you missed the point that Melrose Place is supposed to be oozing with sex appeal, the tagline cements the deal: “Ménage à Tues.” Isn’t that ingenious? The idea must’ve been for teens to think about threesomes and Tuesdays at the same time, therefore tuning into the show every week. Turns out they’re smarter than that. They probably saw the name Melrose Place and thought, “tired 90s soap opera” and had the good sense to stay the hell away.

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