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The Michael Jackson Memorial: A Media Frenzy


For over a week now, the media has built up the Michael Jackson memorial to obscene heights. They want you to believe that you’re nobody if you weren’t inside the L.A. Staples Center to honor the King of Pop. It’s sick how the media is using every last morsel of the Jackson saga to sell more papers or gain extra viewers. You can’t find the real news on TV or the internet anymore… it’s all MJ. And now, journalists are even talking about his kids based on their appearance yesterday:

Now that the memorial’s over and the crowd has cleared, I think that people are starting to realize that it wasn’t worth all the hype. Of course, that won’t stop all the coverage. Millions of viewers  watched the memorial unfold live and that means that media outlets will continue to offer endless commentary and analysis of the event for as long as they can get away with.

It’s time to put things in perspective. It was a funeral. That’s it. It was a nice funeral (particularly Steve Wonder‘s moving rendition of “Never Dreamed You’d Leave in Summer”), but come on, people were acting like it was the inauguration of Barack Obama — the only other event this year that was so heavily hyped.

The memorial doesn’t need to be broken down or commemorated with a plate or replayed on all the major news channels. There’s other stuff going on in the world (the G8 Summit to name one). And as a side note, any event featuring John Mayer imitating an old Southern blues man is not something that deserves attention. Miles Davis did a better instrumental version of MJ’s “Human Nature” many years before. See for yourself in the following clip from 1991. The jazz legend puts Mayer to shame and it serves as a more powerful tribute to the King of Pop — much more than the ridiculous Staples Center memorial.

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