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Mischa Barton Says Cancellation is ‘Beautiful’


It hasn’t been an easy year for Mischa Barton. Last July, she joined the ranks of Lindsay and Britney with a highly publicized meltdown, which was followed with a stint at the Cedar’s Sinai Psychiatric Ward. In September, she explained it all to the ladies at The View, saying the incident was nothing more than a case of botched wisdom tooth removal:

I had so much work to do and the surgery had gone so badly for me. And I think that I was just starting to feel completely overwhelmed. It was just too much to have this surgery go so wrong.

She has a lot less work to do these days, since her CW show, The Beautiful Life, was cancelled after only two episodes. In his review of the show, Variety’s Brian Lowry wrote:

Fast-paced and pulsing, it all plays at a level only slightly above Showgirls, although there’s more earnestness than camp here.

With all the bad reviews and low ratings, the abrupt cancellation may have been a good thing after all: Something that Barton also seems to agree with. In an interview with People.com, she said:

I think I need to back away from the whole TV approach. That whole world of network television, probably isn’t, for me, a good idea now. I need to start reading for more serious roles.

By serious she must mean that she won’t be doing any more roles in TV shows involving The Beautiful Life producer Ashton Kutcher. She says she’s finding it easy to fill the void left by the show’s demise:

Reading scripts and enjoying living in New York. Now that I’m not doing the TV show, I’ve got lots of time to work out.

At least she sounds less bitter than her half-Mexican co-star Sara Paxton, who told Latina magazine:

I spent two months and thousands of dollars without a paycheck moving to NY. And now they just say, ‘oh, peace, you’re done?’ We all signed 6 month leases, and now we all have to figure out how to get out of our leases, and I have to figure out how to get all my furniture back. I don’t know what to do with this NY furniture. We’re kind of stranded.

Mischa should be fine. If none of the scripts pan out she can always join Dr. Drew for a season of Celebrity Rehab. At the time of her meltdown, he said:

She is welcome to join if she is willing and able.

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