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Neve Campbell Will ‘Scream’ Again


In a 2004 interview with Pop Entertainment.com, when asked about the possibility of a fourth Scream movie someday, Neve Campbell responded:

There’s nothing [more] to do with Scream 4. I didn’t feel there was anything to do with Scream 3 but luckily we pulled it off. Everyone that Sidney Prescott has loved has either tried to kill her or had been killed. She should have been in an insane asylum after the first film. I was really concerned about Scream 3 being too similar to the first two–that’s why I put in my contract that I would only shoot 12 days. I think we were lucky that we were able to make a good trilogy.

Campbell stayed true to this sentiment when plans were annouced for Scream 4 earlier this year. It was reported that she wouldn’t be signing on for it, leading the movie’s screenwriter, Kevin Williamson, to tweet:

Trying to figure out a Sid-less scenario. This sucks.

But now Campbell’s singing a different tune. According to WENN, producer Bob Weinstein has confirmed that she will, in fact, be reprising her role as Sidney in Scream 4. Also signed on are Courtney Cox and David Arquette, while Wes Craven is currently in talks to direct. The movie is slated for release sometime next year. Williamson must written a dynamic screenplay for Campbell to have finally given in. Or perhaps Weinstein wrote her a dynamic paycheck. That’ll get any actor to turn a triology into a quadrilogy. 

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