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New Posters For ‘Little Fockers’ And ‘I’m Still Here’

Do people really want another Fockers comedy? I guess so, since they went out in droves to see the last one. The tagline for Meet the Parents: Little Fockers (a title so badly conceived that it’s almost funny — but not funny ha ha) observes, “Maybe kids will bring them closer?” And to add to the suspense, we have Robert De Niro having a grimace-filled face-off with Ben Stiller. Then it says, “Find out this Christmas.” If you are one of the people who are excited to “find out” what happens in this movie, then you oughtta start seeing a good therapist.

Then we have the Casey Affleck-directed Joaquin Phoenix “doc” I’m Still Here, featuring a very scruffy Phoenix in close-up. The poster tries hard to make him appear as a folk hero like Bob Dylan (even the title sounds similar to the Dylan pic, I’m Not There). But that’s it? At least the Fockers poster attempts to reel in viewers. Phoenix’s facial hair is not enough to hold a movie. Then again, after months of crappy summer fare like The Last Airbender, maybe it is.

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