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New Cast Member’s Effing Mistake An ‘SNL’ tradition

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The season premiere of NBC’s Saturday Night Live aired this weekend started off with a bang. And not just because Transformers star/Maxim cover girl Megan Fox was hosting the show. In a sketch towards the end of night, new cast member Jenny Slate accidentally dropped the F-bomb in a sketch where she played a biker chick who hosts a low budget, offbeat chat show (a sketch format that you’d think SNL would finally be getting tired of after 34 years).

After Kristen Wiig tosses an ashtray against a wall, Slate said,

“You know what? You stood up for yourself, and I [expletive deleted] love you for that.”

Slate was supposed to say “fricking” and appears to have caught her mistake immediately.

After the slip-up, the sketch continued uninterrupted. The FCC-offending premiere marked SNL‘s 35th season and, in that time period, controversies regarding swearing aren’t anything new.

In 1979, Letterman sidekick Paul Schaffer, who was then a featured player on the show, said the word in a sketch where he played a member of an out-of-control British rock band. The joke was that the band members would swear using the word “flogging.” That incident went mostly unnoticed but, two years later, Charles Rocket wasn’t as lucky. In 1981, Rocket let the F-bomb slip during the closing credits of the show, when host Charlene Tilton asked him, “Charlie, how do you feel after you’ve been shot”, in reference to a sketch that had aired earlier in the program, that parodied the famous “Who Shot JR?” season finale of Dallas.

In that case, the incident was used by NBC as an excuse to fire the the producer and cast. The most recent example occurred in 1995, when Cheri Oteri swore during a sketch she appeared in. At the end of that show, she put a dollar in a swear jar and nobody gave it a second thought.

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