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NEW TRAILER: ‘Burlesque’

The trailer for Burlesque has been released and it looks tailor made for the crowd that thought Sex and the City 2 was too grounded in emotional realism. Christina Aguilera, in her first major acting role, plays a small town waitress with big dreams. When she gets a job at a night club called Burlesque and one thing leads to another, it turns she also has big talent. Let’s see, where have we seen this before? Glitter and Showgirls come to mind, especially when Aguilera mimicks the dancers on stage as she serves drinks, just as Elizabeth Berkley‘s character did from the balcony. Out of all the laughable lines in the trailer, the best is when Cher asks Stanley Tucci‘s character, “Where are all the good dancers in LA?” He replies, “Dancing with the stars.”

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