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Paul Simon and Steve Martin: Old Friends

Last week, Steve Martin and Paul Simon dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and took over the show. It was quite fascinating — like watching a documentary of two old buddies getting together after a couple of years, telling stories, trading quips. They didn’t even seem to recognize that Jimmy Fallon is the host of the show and when they did address him, it was with aversion.  When Martin first arrived he sarcastically stated:

I’m so excited (to be here) I can hardly stand it.

He then added:

I don’t know how to refer to your show yet. Whenever I did The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, I would say ‘I’m doing the Carson show’… I don’t know. ‘I’m doing Fallon’, it just doesn’t sound right.

Never were there truer words spoken. Fallon, as usual, had absolutely nothing to add to the conversation. Eventually, he just sat back and let Simon and Martin do their thing. I think that those two should take over as host from now on. They seemed to be having a ball.

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