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Original ‘Fame’ Director Alan Parker is NOT a Fan of the Remake


In an interview with Cut Print Review a few weeks ago, Kevin Tancharoen, director of the new Fame remake, was asked if Alan Parker, who directed the original 1980 version, helped out with the production in any way. Tancharoen responded,

No he didn’t, but I know that we had his blessing. I know the producers had worked with him previously on a movie called The Commitment, and they called him tell him that they were going to remake his movie, and he was happy about it! He gave us all his blessings, and just let us do it!”

Either Tancharoen was completely delusional at the time of this interview or his producers were feeding him bullshit because Parker has finally spoken out about the Fame remake–and he’s not happy. He tells Britain’s Daily Telegraph that he wishes he could sue MGM over it, but that they, unfortunately, own the rights to the material.

It’s a bit like being mugged, “

Parker says.

Such are the realities of Hollywood manners and American copyright law. I have never had a single phone call from anyone – the studio, the producers – about this remake. No one spoke to me about it. To say so is absolute nonsense. I feel very much that Fame is mine. I spent months with the kids at the school then spent a year making the movie. You do the work and make it as good as it can be, and you try to protect it. Then, because the copyright is owned by the studio, as with almost all American feature films, they can do a remake like this. It’s extremely galling. There is no other area of the arts where you can do that.”

Parker is currently working on a way to sue MGM over their use of the Fame logo–which they do not own the rights to. If it’s any consolation to him, the remake completely bombed here in the U.S. (despite its box office stronghold in the U.K.). And the reviews were lousy all around. In other words, the new version of Fame is not “gonna live forever”!

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