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Oscar Campaigning Gets Down And Dirty: ‘Hurt Locker’ Producer In Hot Water Over Email Blast


The fact that Inglourious Basterds is nominated for Best Picture probably had something to do with the reason that an art auction to support Haiti, which featured artwork inspired by the film, was organized in LA last week. Every year around this time the studios get creative with their Oscar campaigning and while the politics of convincing voters can get down and dirty, the trick is to keep the backstage wheeling and dealing under the radar. It’s advice that Nicolas Chartier (pictured above) who produced The Hurt Locker could have used before sending out an email blast late last week to Academy members, urging them to vote for his film in its nominated categories, including Best Picture. It read:

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to write you and say I hope you liked Hurt Locker and if you did and want us to win, please tell (name deleted) and your friends who vote for the Oscars, tell actors, directors, crew members, art directors, special effects people, if everyone tells one or two of their friends, we will win and not a $500M film, we need independent movies to win like the movies you and I do, so if you believe The Hurt Locker is the best movie of 2010 [sic], help us!

I’m sure you know plenty of people you’ve worked with who are academy members whethere [sic] a publicist, a writer, a sound engineer, please take 5 minutes and contact them. Please call one or two persons, everything will help!

best regards,

Nicolas Chartier Voltage Pictures

The letter has caused an uproar among rival producers and caused the Academy to organize an emergency meeting. Once it was clear that his actions had been inappropriate Chartier released a statement, saying:

My naivete, ignorance of the rules and plain stupidity as a first-time nominee is not an excuse for this behavior, and I strongly regret it.

He will seriously regret it if the movie loses to James Cameron‘s big blue 3D epic. Let’s hope the movie (which deserves to win) still has a chance. After all, who wants to see a repeat of Cameron’s Golden Globe speech where he talked about having to:

pee something fierce.

This latest development might be good for Quentin Tarantino, as Inglourious Basterds may actually have a chance to emerge as the winner. As long as Tarantino doesn’t send out any email blasts, the movie’s chances should be good as Oscar gold.

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