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Paramedics Called During Telluride Screening of Danny Boyle’s ‘127 Hours’

Stories of audience members vomiting and fainting in response to the intense subject matter of movie’s like The Exorcist are the stuff of Hollywood legend. Now, it appears that a screening of Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle‘s latest movie 127 Hours at the Telluride Film Festival inspired similarly extreme responses. Fox Searchlight’s Michelle Hooper told the Hollywood Reporter:

From what I understand, an older gentleman was light-headed at the first screening (Galaxy) and the medics helped him calm down. Second screening at the Palm was a young woman (maybe 19 or 20) who had a panic attack. Paramedics attended to both people. I didn’t even know about the second incident until after the screening was over and someone told me (I was sitting in the first half of the theater).

The film, starring James Franco, is based on the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston‘s attempt to survive after a boulder falls on his hand, trapping him in a canyon in Utah. Ralston eventually escaped, without his hand, and one scene portrays him taking a picture of his severed limb before being resued. Boyle said that if the movie wasn’t based on a true story, some of the scenes would seem far fetched. He told the LA Times:

If it were in a script, they would say, ‘It’s just obscene. Throw it out.’ But because it really happened, it allows you to do it. And you can see the audience thinking, It must be true.

In any case, the publicity generated by the Telluride screening should only serve to enhance its profile and it will be interesting to see how Fox handles the marketing of the film, given the unusual (to the say the least) audience response. Trailer for the movie is posted below:

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