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Paris Hilton’s Copyrighting Binge


Paris Hilton is out of control. The hotel heiress/socialite/movie star (?)/singer (?) craves media attention like drug addicts crave smack. According to the Associated Press, she has now purchased the rights to the phrase “That’s huge.” She plans to collect a pretty penny every time someone notable says that in public. A few years ago, Hilton also bought the phrase “That’s hot.” She claims that it’s “the way I say it” that makes it unique and apparently valuable. “Huge is good,” she adds, “It can never be bad. Huge is really hot.” That’s great. Why stop there? She might as well copyright other generic phrases, too. I bet “It’s cold oustside” and “Do you have the time” are worth a lot. Better yet, Hilton should purchase “I’m an imbecile.” That’s a phrase she should be saying.

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