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Quentin Tarantino At Career Crossroads: Contemplating 3D, Rom-Coms & The Future


After completing several projects that were years in the making like Kill Bill and Inglourious Basterds (which he wrote the script for in 1998) Quentin Tarantino is finding himself, for the first time in a long while, without a clear idea of what his next project will be. Despite the record breaking success of Avatar, he told MTV, directing a 3D movie isn’t on his radar. Although he added that he does regret that Kill Bill wasn’t filmed in three dimensions. He said:

If I had to do Kill Bill all over again I probably would do volume one in 3-D.

While Tarantino hasn’t made up his mind what he will be tackling next, he has been hinting that he may be interested in exploring the romantic comedy genre. In an interview with Film.com, he said:

I’d love to make a romantic comedy, and take it out of the ghetto it’s been exiled to. I have done love stories; they’ve just been in my other movies. True Romance‘s title was not ironic. Sure, James Gandolfini almost beats Patricia Arquette to death and she has to blow him away with a shotgun, but that doesn’t mean it’s not romantic. It just has to be done my way, and I think people want me to do it my way.

He’s definitely right about the sorry state of rom-coms after recent mind numbing releases like The Ugly Truth and the upcoming, The Bounty Hunter, (both of which, coincidentally or not, feature Gerard Butler in the lead role) have taken the genre to new lows. I think a violent 3D Tarantino-scripted romantic comedy is just the thing to revive them. As long as it doesn’t turn out like Four Rooms, it sounds like a great idea.

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