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Redbox Decides Not to Stock ‘All About Steve’ Or ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ Due To Their Poor Box Office


Lately, Redbox customers have been having a hard time finding new releases like the Sandra Bullock comedy All About Steve and the modest indie sleeper (500) Days of Summer. That’s because Coinstar Inc., which owns and operates the DVD rental kiosks, has decided not to stock them at all.

Eric Wold, an analyst for financial services firm Merriman Curhan Ford, attributed the absence of those titles and others, due to their poor performance in theaters. In a note from December 28, He said:

This was probably due to the movies’ relatively low box office revenue.

In response to Wold’s findings, the Video Buyers Group released a statement denying that the absence of the films was intentional. VGB President Ted Engen, said,

Wold’s number’s are not even in the realm of possibilities.

Although Coinstar has not officially announced the reason behind the decision, it’s most likely a result of ongoing litigation with several Hollywood studios. In August, Universal, Warner Home Video and Fox made the decision to impose a 30 day waiting period before Redbox could acquire new releases.

Disney eventually followed suit, instituting a waiting period for the November release of Pixar’s Up. It’s just one of the measures the studios have put in place in their desperation to ride out the tough economy and stave off dwindling DVD profits. In order to avoid the waiting period, Redbox currently buys all DVDs directly from retailers like Walmart.

The decision not to purchase less popular titles seems to be a sound business decision and although it’s mainly a cost saving measure, the fact that movies like All About Steve won’t be made available to Redbox customers may actually be a good thing. After all, Rolling Stone‘s Peter Travers summed up most critics’ response to the movie when he described it as:

An unwatchable, unbearably unfunny farce in which Sandra Bullock hits the lowest point of her career.

I’m sure Sandra’s other movie this year, The Blind Side, won’t be suffering the same fate.

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  1. Big redbox user
    January 9th, 2010 at 11:48 | #1

    Thank you for the update. You answered my wonder of why and may have even saved me a buck. This was a good report. I hope REDBOX survives the BIG guys pushing them around. It is >The best rental service existing today!

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