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Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ Off To A Killer Start

After two years of rumors, it can finally be safely stated that Robert Rodriguez is, indeed, bringing Machete to the big screen. What started out as a fake trailer that played before 2007’s Grindhouse, is now going to be a major motion picture starring Danny Trejo, who originated the title role. The story centers on an expert hitman and his quest to exact revenge on the seedy men who betrayed him (see clip below).

Also returning to their roles from the trailer are Cheech Marin and Jeff Fahey. And the cast keeps on growing. Last week, Variety confirmed that Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson and Lindsay Lohan have not only signed on, but have already started filming their scenes. Rodriguez wrote the screenplay for Machete, and he will co-direct the film with Ethan Maniquis.

There had already been a significant amount of publicty for the project since the very first rumor spread, but the casting of Lohan blew it through the roof and it now appears that Machete is on the fast track to cinematic cultdom. Rodriguez told MTV News,

These things come together very quickly. I was thinking it had to live up to the trailer, because the trailer was so well received. But [the script] far surpassed the trailer.”

I hope so, because that is an amazing 2 1/2 minutes of celluloid. It’s hard to imagine a longer version with the same impact, as the point of the fake trailer was to skip the expository crap and show the money shots. But I won’t know ’til I see it. The same goes for Eli Roth‘s planned Thanksgiving feature. Turns out the Grindhouse gang was able to milk a lot out of their notorious box office failure after all.

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