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Rumors Of A Sequel To ‘The Shining’ Debunked By User Comment


Yesterday Stephen King fans went into a tizzy over reports that the master of horror was cooking up a sequel to his classic novel The Shining. Reel.com said that the project, titled Doctor Sleep, was a go and that the plot would focus on the son, Danny Torrance, who is now a forty year old hospice worker who uses his extrasensory perceptions on the job. Now, it turns out King was talking about the ideas for the sequel, hypothetically, as part of a Q & A with film director David Cronenberg following a book reading in for his new novel Under the Dome in Toronto. After the Torontoist published the speculation as fact, the story took on a life of its own.

With all the internet hyperbole related to the story it seems only natural that rumors were debunked by an anonymous reader of horror fan site Deadcentral.com. Dead Central reader syd13 posted a comment on the site saying,

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the report is bullshit. I was at the Toronto Q & A and the Torontoist article is spinning a story where there isn’t one. What hapened was this: Cronenberg asked King if he enjoyed looking back over his works. King repsonded that he did sometimes enjoy looking over his older stuff, and sometimes wondered where the characters would be now. He then proceeded to lay out a few minutes about where he had pictured Danny Torrence being.”

Too bad. When I first heard about the story, I was hoping eventual movie version would be a chance for a  Shelley Duvall comeback that would make John Travolta‘s pale in comparison. I guess she’ll have to settle for a sequel to that movie she did with Hulk Hogan, instead.

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