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Schwarzenegger Will Carry The Olympic Torch Despite His Steroid ‘Pumping’ Past

This clip from George Butler‘s classic doc, Pumping Iron, shows Arnold Schwarzenegger taking a celebratory puff of mary jane after emerging victorious in a body building competition. Perhaps that’s why California is so weed friendly now (probably not). Smoking pot wasn’t the only mischievous activity for which he partook, though. The governor also took steroids in order to stay competitive…and huge. He has since had a massively successful career in Hollywood and politics, and has become a positive role model for young-ins the world over (especially his involvement with organizations such as the Special Olympics).

Tonight he is set to carry the Olympic torch in the lavish opening ceremony of the 2010 winter games. His smoke-and-inject past, however, has some critics crying afoul, citing the hypocrisy of having him be the face of the Olympics, which frowns upon recreational drug use (let us not forgot the fallout from the photos that outed multiple Gold medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps as a doobie brother). But event organizers have been quick to defend their decision.

John Furlong, head of the Olympic organizing committee, says:

He has taken an extraordinary position on the environment and has developed a great relationship with the province of British Columbia. He is a powerful spokesman and is very popular here. He has been here many times and he helps focus attention on what we are doing.

You can’t fault a man for living a little. Plus, it must be noted that steroids were very much legal when he took them. And hopefully marijuana will be legal someday soon. Then he’ll have nothing incriminating on his Pumping Iron record.

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