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‘Scrubs’ Returns To Keep Crew Members Employed


Just when you thought Scrubs was over…it’s not. “My Finale” aired last May and the cast and crew said their goodbyes. Now ABC is airing a spinoff that is “creatively” titled Scrubs (why not After Scrubs?). Rubber faced Emo actor Zach Braff is scheduled is to appear in at least six episodes to get the sitcom rolling (if he’s a TV show’s main draw, then I think it’s time to go back to the drawing board).

About the new incarnation of Scrubs, creator Bill Lawrence tells TV.com:

Season eight was the end of Scrubs and it still is, in my head. That’s how I’m fine with all this stuff. That was without a doubt a series finale and we all thought the show was over. I’ve always followed the fan base and anybody that has been interested in Scrubs. (They say) ‘Why would they keep going? Why didn’t they just let the show end?’ If any of those people actually did this for a living, I’d (ask) the same questions, because Scrubs was over…After eight years, we ended Scrubs and one of the heads of ABC said, ‘Hey, if you want to keep going and keep a crew of a hundred people still working for a year, you can do it.’ If a network president, in this landscape (where) there are only six or seven comedies on the air, says, ‘Hey, you can essentially do a new pilot and put it on television for thirteen episodes and hopefully people will like it and it’ll keep going forward. Do you want that opportunity?’, you’d be an insane person to say no.

That’s nice. He’s basically admitting that there’s no real reason for the show to be in existence other than to keep the crew members out of the unemployment line. It’s hard to imagine Scrubs getting any worse than it already was, but it looks like that may just happen.

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