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Sean Young Lacing Up For Her Reality TV Comeback

Except in rare examples like Meryl Streep, Hollywood doesn’t usually allow for actresses over 40 to enjoy a second act to their careers. In the case of Sean Young, whose reputation as an eccentric showbiz castaway is as entrenched in the Tinseltown firmament as the Hollywood sign, being over 40 is only the first in a long line of obstacles. Young, who was last heard from when she heckled The Diving Bell and the Butterfly director Julian Schnabel at the Director’s Guild Awards in 2008, told Entertainment Weekly in 2007:

I’m a come back waiting to happen.

It looks like the quirky actress will finally be making a comeback, albeit on reality television. She announced to the magazine that she will be appearing on the first season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars spin-off Skating with the Stars. She says that the show has been a good experience:

This has been a very challenging and really rewarding experience so far, and that’s the God’s honest truth. I haven’t fallen. I’m pretty coordinated, I’ve got the knee pads and all that kind of stuff. I meditate. I don’t call it prayer, I call it living in the attitude that I’ve already accomplished what I’m here to accomplish. So I use that type of meditation to prepare myself for practices.

Skating with the Stars will not be Young’s first brush with reality TV. She revealed she was dropped from the cast of the first Dancing with the Stars in 2007, when producers decided to replace her with Heather Mills, the artificially limbed ex-wife of Paul Mccartney. She said:

They picked the lady with the one leg over me. I couldn’t quite understand. I was like, ‘What?’ You can understand my confusion. But that’s show business for you

Young could fill a lengthy tell all with the list of near-miss career moments that she’s endured since the start of film career in the late 70s. She was cast to play Vicki Vale in the 1989 summer blockbuster Batman, but was replaced by Kim Basinger after she had the misfortune of injuring her collarbone while horseback riding before shooting began. Adding insult to injury, she was cast as Tess Trueheart in Warren Beatty‘s high profile adaptation of Dick Tracy the same year, but was fired when Beatty had a change of heart. The final nail in the coffin of her acting career in Hollywood came in 1992, when she so desperately wanted the role of Catwoman (eventually played by Michelle Pfeiffer) that she arrived at the Warner Bros. lot dressed from head to toe in a full catsuit. Director Tim Burton reportedly hid under a desk to avoid having to confront Young. Queue more bad press and more missed opportunities. With her new reality venture, Young will have the opportunity to make up for lost time and possibly gain a new set of fans. When she was asked to comment on the fact that she is the most famous celebrity appearing  on the show, she answered:

I’m surprised I am the most famous person, but I guess it’s relative. Reality TV is a different animal than show business. I told them I need poodle care on this. I want to be treated like I’m a cute little poodle that needs special food, a special leash, everything to make me happy. And they have.

Posted below is a clip of Young in full Catwoman regalia for an appearance on The Joan Rivers Show in 1992. The clip is unfortunately missing the audio track.

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