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‘Complicated’ Search For Oscar Host Finally Over: Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin Will Co-Host

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Two “wild and crazy guys”, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin, have been chosen to co-host this years Academy Awards telecast. Both are starring in Nancy Meyers (Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday) new movie, It’s Complicated, which is set to open Christmas day. It’s Complicated could also describe the highly publicized vetting process the producers of the annual awards show, Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankerman, went through to find a host for the show.

Much to the Academy’s chagrin, Hugh Jackman was the first to decline. Last year’s Jackman-hosted show, was a surprise success: scoring higher ratings than the interminable exercise in Hollywood narcissism had managed to get in years. Alas, Jackman is currently finishing a Broadway run of the play A Steady Rain, turned down the offer to get some rest before starting production on his next film, the Dreamworks backed, Real Steel, about a father and son who take a robot to a boxing championship.

In what must have been an act of sheer desperation, the producer’s turned to, of all people, Robert Downey Jr. and Ben Stiller, both of whom wisely turned down the offer. Downey Jr. already has enough on his plate, with two movies that he’s starring in, Sherlock Holmes and Iron Man 2, being released this year and Stiller is probably busy writing the next Night at the Museum sequel. In the Academy’s desperate state, I’m surprised they didn’t pair Tina Fey and a baby chimpanzee.

Martin is an especially odd choice. Besides the fact that he has pushed the limits of audience tolerance, starring in cheesy Hollywood junk like The Pink Panther 2 and touring the country playing the banjo, his most recent stints at hosting in 2001 and 2003 have resulted in the lowest ratings the award show has gotten in the past few years. Not the lowest, though. The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart has the distinction of hosting the lowest rated Oscars ever in 2008.

Adding Baldwin to the mix could manage to liven things up, although, it seems more likely that this years Oscar’s will be getting lower ratings than a one hour reunion special of The Beautiful Life. After watching the trailer for the their new movie, I’m confident they will do a great job at this years Oscars. It could even lead to more movie work. Someone needs to start working on a script for Grumpy Old Men Redux.

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