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Straight To Video = ‘Code’ for Success


These days every major studio is feeling the economic pinch. Even if a movie gets bankrolled and completed, there’s no guarantee it will be released in theaters. Instead, it might get dumped on cable or sent straight to video, a category which has traditionally been reserved for unreleasable Hollywood movies or shlocky B-movie ripoffs with names like Zombie Strippers (pictured above).

The stigma of skipping a theatrical release could be a thing of the past, however. This week the number one video rental isn’t Confessions of a Shopaholic, Clint Eastwood‘s Gran Torino or even Inkheart. It’s The Code, a straight-to-video release starring Morgan Freeman and Antonio Banderas. Apparently audiences are clamoring for an action-packed buddy movie about jewel thieves caught in a love triangle.

Also check out the trailers for Whoopi Goldberg‘s Theodore Rex and Jessica Simpson‘s Major Movie Star, two infamous projects that were filmed for theaters, then shelved and, eventually, released staright to video.  Unlike The Code, these turkeys were never even close to being the number one rental.

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