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The Curious Case Of ‘The Wedding Weekend’


In these hard-scrabble economic times, a theatrical release can be hard to come by and for some movies, when the tour of the festival circuit is over, the buck stops there. That seems to be the case for The Wedding Weekend, which I had never heard of until I saw the poster for it in the window of a local video store.

The movie has an interesting cast that includes Rachel Getting Married‘s Rose Marie Dewitt and SNL alum Molly Shannon, but it sat on the shelf for years. On IMDb, it’s listed as Shut Up And Sing instead of The Wedding Weekend. I read in the trivia section that producers of the Dixie Chicks doc of the same name threatened legal action against them, claiming they owned the rights.

When I finally I watched this movie after spotting it on Netflix watch instantly, I realized that it doesn’t matter what the title is: it sucks big time. Talk about an amateurish comedy without any laughs (intentional that is). My favorite ridiculous line is when Shannon, when seated at the dinner table, refers to her husband as “an ATM machine with a wei-nah!” You can’t buy dialogue that good. View the trailer here, on the movie’s official website.

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