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The End of a Fuzzy Television Era


Today, June 12, 2009, a day that will live in infamy, you will no longer be able to get TV reception by putting tin foil on a clothes hanger and using it as an antenna (Hey, I was in college and couldn’t afford digitable cable). The digital transition is finally in full effect, leaving every elderly citizen completely bewildered (“What happened to my stories?!”). To help inform the public and avoid pandemonium, the CEA spent millions of dollars in advertising with campaigns such as “Convert Your Mom” (Yes, the above graphic is from this camapaign and, Yes, that is Florence Henderson with that ominous smile). I think there’ll be confusion no matter what. It’s too big of a change, even in this Obama-ruled nation. If you are still interested in upgrading, then make sure to get your stimulus-sponsored $40 coupon by July 31st, otherwise you’ll have to pay for the converter box all by yourself. And without that box, no TV signal will come in, not snow, not fuzz, not anything. Just a blank screen. Then you’ll have to find another pastime like going outside and taking a walk. Scary, huh? More information on the transition here.

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