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THE MUSIC NEST: Charting the Latest Singles and Videos

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It’s official! Whitney Houston‘s back and there’s an exclusive Oprah interview to prove it. There’s also her first video in seven years, for the infectious Alicia Keys-penned single “Million Dollar Bill”. Like the video for Prince‘s “Musicology” back in 2004, which, coincidentally, also signaled the come back for another legendary diva from the 1980s, it has a warm old-school, vintage feel. Whitney arrives at a restaurant, fur coat and escort in tow, taking the stage as the music begins.



“Uprising” has a lot going for it, from the thudding baseline, the hook stolen from Blondie‘s “Call Me” and the wannabe Thom Yorke vocals courtesy of Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. Then there’s the video, which opens with the band members watching over a miniature post-apocalyptic city. It’s not your average pretentious concept video. In other words, it’s a pretentious concept video with an army of angry stuffed teddy bears breaking through concrete and plastic dolls on fire with lyrics like, “They will not control us,” and “We will be victorious” in the background. Think Chucky meets the Stay-Puft Marshallow Man sequence from Ghostbusters.



Things are looking up for Scott Ramon Segring Mescudi aka Kid Cudi. His album Man On the Moon: End of Day debuted in fourth place on the billboard charts and he’s also featured on several tracks of Jay-Z‘s The Blueprint 3, the current number one album. Not bad, considering that, just two years ago he was starting out, promoting a self-released a mixtape. The video for “Day N Nite” boasts many different influences, from Richard Linklater‘s Waking Life and the 1970s kids movie The Phantom Tollbooth to the illustrations featured in Maurice Sendak‘s Where The Wild Things Are. The biggest influence, though is undoubtedly, Kanye West, which is understandable since West was the one that signed the then unkown 24 year old to his label GOOD Music.

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