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THE MUSIC NEST, Charting the Latest Singles and Videos

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Here we go. This is the video that caused Kanye West to get down with his hyperactive-self at theVMAs. As spaz-tastic as that careless act of celebrity humiliation was, I sort of agree with Kanye. It definitely was not the best video. Is it bad enough to have a temper tantrum on live television that’s being broadcast around the world? Probably not. But, then again, I’m not a pampered hip-hop celebutante who let the prescription lapse on his medication.

The video’s just ok, but it does signal Taylor Swift as one savvy marketing genius. Swift and her team know what they’re doing. It’s just mediocre enough to appeal to millions of tweens with easy access their parents Visa Platinum card. Also, the “poor little nerd” persona is kinda fun, even though it dates itself all the way back to the She’s All That era of the late ’90s.



Now I think it’s time to revisit Beyoncé‘s “Single Ladies”, the video that West has hailed as “one of the best videos of all time.” I guess any video that makes Beyonce not seem like a pre-programmed robot is a masterpiece in my book. And it’s always a great idea to film in “bootylicicious” black and white. But chill, Kanye.



This video is fascinating. Eminem tries hard to be satirical and shocking with parodies of genres, TV shows, movies and celebrities in general. Unfortunately Eminem’s a little rusty and much of it comes off as hammy and lame (and not in a Slim Shady way either).

Besides, musicians like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blink 182 and Pink have already been there and done that (and better, too). For a rapper so determined to have a memorable comeback, he “loses his self” in the process And the music doesn’t help. The chorus chant of “Baby, get down, down down” is a pale imitation of Outkast. And I’m not even going to mention Em’s facelift. Oops, guess I just did.

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