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THE WEEKEND MARQUEE: Comedy Vs. #1 Drama: Will Ferrell And ‘The Other Guys’ Look To Topple ‘Inception’

In a summer with plenty of misfires, comedies and kid’s stuff have reigned supreme. That’s good news for The Other Guys which stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as disgraced New York City cops who are are forced to spend their time filling out paperwork while their coworkers get to be in the middle of the action. After making Land of Lost, which was one of the biggest financial disasters of the year, it’s a return to the formula that worked for Ferrell in the past. Adam Mckay, who has been at the helm of Ferrell’s most successful movies, such as Talladega Nights and Anchorman also wrote and directed the movie.

THE BUZZ:  Good. Most critics have noted that Wahlberg, in his first comedic starring role. steals the show. The former teen heartthrob/rapper turned serious actor, told Variety:

I want to continue to grow as an actor, so I really like to mix it up and keep bouncing between different genres. And my next two (films) are exactly that — completely different.

His next film is the David O. Russell drama The Fighter, in which he plays real life boxer Micky Ward. The movie sounds like Oscar bait and even though Wahlberg has garnered rave reviews for The Other Guys there probably won’t be any statuettes handed to him because of it.

Salon‘s Andrew O’Hehir praised Wahlberg’s performance, writing:

Maybe this movie’s biggest surprise, though, is Mark Wahlberg, who plays the damaged, vulnerable and borderline-sociopathic Hoitz with a strange delicacy, especially in a movie that’s a rather broad farce, at least on its surface. I used to think of Wahlberg as a charismatic but limited star who could only play tough guys modeled after his own personality.

Time‘s Richard Corliss, hated the look and production design of the movie, but that didn’t stop him from having a good time. He says:

Like too many comedies these days, The Other Guys has a studiously ugly, slapdash look, as if to warn the audience not to expect a finely crafted film. And there are sections in which, scene to scene, the movie’s IQ drops by double digits. The heroes do something stupid, like giving the evidence they’d accumulated over to the bad guy’s lawyer, then explain it away. (“We just gave all our evidence over to the bad guy’s lawyer.”) But like some silly summer song that can’t be shaken from the mind, this is a catchy enterprise, no better than it tries to be and no less funny.

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