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THE WEEKEND MARQUEE: Grosses For ‘Eclipse’ Set Wednesday Record; Falls Short of ‘New Moon’

Like Harry Potter, the Twilight movies have a built in audience that guarantees a big box office return. For the third film in the franchise, it seems Twilight-mania may be starting to show signs of slowing down. The grosses for Eclipse did set a record for a Wednesday opening with $68 million, but fell short of New Moon‘s box office take in November. The movie’s under-performance is a familiar motif in a summer movie season that’s seen many surefire hits quickly devolve into financial disappointments.

THE BUZZ: Good. The same critics who trashed New Moon have changed their tune for the third film in the franchise. Director David Slade deserves credit for turning out a movie that has reviewers singing its praises. They may be overcompensating; grateful for the fact that the movie has any semblance of plot or craftsmanship.

Entertainment Weekly‘s Owen Glieberman makes it sound like a tween version of a late night cable offering. He writes:

The movie version of Eclipse, with its dueling boy-monster hunks — a chaste orgy of male gazing — revels in the power that Bella experiences by giving herself over to the powerlessness of love. The movie is about a girl’s primal dream of being desired. That may well be corny, but it’s also an essential antidote to summer-movie hardware.

Peter Debruge, writing for Variety, echoes most critics’ sentiments when he writes that it is, by far, the best movie version of Stephanie Meyers‘ books:

The pleasant surprise this time around is that the result finally feels more like the blockbuster this top-earning franchise deserves. Employing a bigger budget, better effects and an edgier director (“Hard Candy’s” David Slade), “Eclipse” focuses on what works — the stars — even as the series’ parent-friendly abstinence message begins to unravel. Summer release should reap Summit’s biggest yield yet.

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