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The Weinsteins Will Work For Box Office Hit


It has been a rough road for Harvey and Bob Weinstein. In 2005, they left Miramax, a subsidiary of Disney, where they had reigned for many years, and and formed their own independent production studio, aptly named The Weinstein Company. Since then, the brothers have been plagued with a series of high-profile flops (Derailed, The Nanny Diaries, Grindhouse, Factory Girl) and only a few hits (Scary Movie 4, Halloween).

Profitable ventures in the movie business have become so elusive for TWC, that they also rely on revenue from other mediums such as television (along with Miramax, TWC produces Project Runway) just to keep going. In the Sunday edition of The New York Times, Harvey voiced his frustration with delivering hits to investors and blamed his failure on being too busy with all of his business ventures.

I kind of delegated the process of production and acquisitions. Yes, I had a say in it, but was I one hundred percent concentrating? Absolutely not. I thought I could build the company and delegate authority, and that’s where it went wrong.

He added that, come February, if TWC doesn’t weave box office gold, then he and his bro will be on their way out:

I’ll be driving you, or making cheap hamburgers, or selling trailers, or refrigerators, or something. If the slate works, we’re right back to plan.

The slate he’s referring to includes the upcoming Quentin Tarantino-directed, Brad Pitt-starring WWII blockbuster, Inglourious Basterds, which opens this Friday.

In response, Tarantino told The Times:

I’ve got their undivided attention… They want Inglourious Basterds to be a hit even more than I want it to be a hit. Even in the grand scheme of things, it’s more important to them than me.

Obviously. The Weinsteins are the ones actually funding the project. It’s hard to say whether mass audiences will eat up an expensive arthouse flick with a Euro flavor or not. If they don’t, and choose instead to see District 9 again, then I sure do look forward to purchasing a refrigerator from the Weinsteins.

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