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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott: 9021 OH!


A couple of years ago, Tori Spelling, the charmed former star of 90210, hooked up with an already-married guy named Dean McDermott on the set of Mind Over Murder (a TV movie I’m sure you skipped). Then they got hitched and did what most newlyweds do. They starred in a reality show on the Oxygen network! Tori and Dean: Inn Love centered around a Bed & Breakfast that the couple helped run in California. Now the show has morphed into Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, centering round the couple’s balance between show business and raising their two toddlers. After four seasons of this dross, one fact has become abundantly clear: this is\ one couple you do not want to spend any time with, on TV or otherwise. They give Jon and Kate a run for their money.

In the following clips from the season 3 finale and a recent episode, Spelling is whiny, self-centered, uncouth, shrill, inelegant and just plain gross. I realize that most of it is probably scripted, and if that is the case, then how on earth could any writer think that viewers would find this material compelling? I swear, the next time Oxygen has another twelve hour Tori and Dean marathon, I will resist…I swear!

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