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VULTURE DROPPINGS OF THE WEEK: Daily Show Correspondents, One and Done

In addition to being an institution among Generation X and Y-ers who prefer to get their news delivered along with Jon Stewart‘s satirical punchlines, The Daily Show is Comedy Central’s longest running program, having debuted in 1996 and still running strong. It has made stars out of many of its correspondents, including Steve Carell, Stephen Colbert and Demetri Martin. Not everybody has been so lucky, though. And some say that if you’re a woman on The Daily Show, it’s even more unlucky.

The show recently became embroiled in a blog fueled controversy after a recent article that was posted on Jezebel — titled “The Daily Show’s Woman Problem” — pointed out the noticeable lack of female correspondents. The article created an online firestorm. Not since the show’s original host, Craig Kilborn, was quoted in an Esquire interview saying a derogatory comment about co-creator Lizz Winstead in 1997, has there been so much focus on The Daily Show‘s behind-the-scenes sexual politics. Lauren Weedman, a correspondent from 2001-2002, is quoted as saying:

What I was told when I was hired is that they have a very hard time finding and keeping women, and that I was lucky to get a one year contract.

Current female staffers posted an open letter on the show’s website decrying the allegations, saying:

On the contrary: just like the men here, we’re indispensable.

Olivia Munn, the newest female correspondent told the Wall Street Journal that the atmosphere on the show has been:

so supportive.

The Jezebel article also brought to light another phenomenon; correspondents that filmed a segment that aired on the show and were never used again. Adrianne Frost, is quoted in the article. Frost, who was canned after a single segment in 2002, says:

I didn’t know this at the time, but you needed to be too cool for school. I was being grateful and thankful….With a woman it comes off as ‘needy, crazy, insecure.

While the sexism of The Daily Show‘s staff remains up in the air, it must also be noted that men have been unceremoniously dumped from the show, too.  The experience of the correspondents in the videos posted below can summarized as one and done. As they say, it’s a tough business.


Jerry Minor (2000)


David Pompeii (2001)


Adrianne Frost (2002)


Jon Glaser (2004)

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