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VULTURE DROPPINGS OF THE WEEK: Oprah’s ‘Big Get’ Interviews


No matter how loyal or dedicated an audience can be for a TV show, if it stays on the air long enough, viewers will change and some will move on. It’s something that the producers  of Oprah’s long running talk show have made their mission to fight. Executive producer Sheri Salata, told the Huffington Post:

When you’ve been on the air for 24 years, our greatest challenge as producers is what are we going to do now that hasn’t been done before? How do we take it up a notch?

They have taken it up a notch, reclaiming their place in pop culture by scoring “big get” interviews that are guaranteed to create headlines. The list of heavy hitting interviews so far this season has included Whitney Houston, Mike Tyson and Sarah Palin. The daytime diva has even inserted herself into the late-night brouhaha with her interview with Jay Leno that aired yesterday. After playing a clip in which Leno makes a joke about David Letterman, Oprah said:

I thought that was beneath you.

The desperate grab for ratings has started to seem a little beneath Winfrey as well.


1. Jay Leno


2. Whitney Houston


3. Mike Tyson


4. Sarah Palin


5. Mackenzie Phillips

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