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VULTURE DROPPINGS OF THE WEEK: Tabloid Celebrities And Their Inevitable Cash-Ins


Last night I was flipping channels and stumbled upon The Jimmy Kimmel Show. As a host, Kimmel delights in awkwardness and confrontation. That’s been his bag for years. More power to him. Doesn’t bother me. But it doesn’t mean I enjoy watching it either.

The skit that really disturbed me was a reincarnation of the classic game show, The Dating Game, where Kimmel assembled three hapless bachelors onstage and had them answer questions from a mystery woman who only the audience could see. Just who was this mystery woman?  Nadya Suleman, AKA The Octomom. Her incessant witch-like cackling and overabundance of plastic facework made evident that TV is one place where she doesn’t belong. See the clip below:

Tell me where the comedy is? It’s surreal and uncomfortable. What has this woman done to be on TV? She had a bunch of kids using in vitro fertilization. That’s it. Apparently that’s enough to become a celebrity these days. Kimmel thinks that the mere act of having such a notorious curiosity on his show is funny in itself. Unfortunately a lot of producers think that way, too.

Andy Warhol‘s prediction that everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes has long since come true, although, these days fifteen minutes seems like a long and illustrious career. In the era of gossip blogs and reality TV, hard work and talent have quickly become the least popular paths to fame and fortune. For these “stars” tabloid spectacle is their career. The current crop of media freaks have only heightened the game that celebrities like Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan have been playing all too well. Once fame has been achieved, quickly cashing in before the audience turns the channel becomes a mad dash to score as many magazine covers, TV appearances and sponsors as possible before you can say, “Who is Darva Conger?”


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