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VULTURE DROPPINGS OF THE WEEK: This Year’s Banned Superbowl Ads


The Superbowl, the annual celebration of gluttony, drinking and tacky halftime shows that may or may not involve exposed nipples, is approaching once again. On Sunday the New Orleans Saints will face off against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts may be at a disadvantage since their star defensive lineman, Dwight Feeney, could be out for the count due to a knee injury. Coach Jim Caldwell told the Associated Press:

He feels that he’s going to be able to play. It’s just kind of up to the doctors … if he’s able to run and run without any inhibitions whatsoever. He’s moving along and moving well and we’ll see.

No matter what transpires, this years Superbowl is sure to be remembered as much for its commercials as for the game itself. The costly ads featured in between the high stakes competition always get a lot of attention and the media frenzy has already begun after CBS banned several ads from being broadcast due to their offensive, rude and obnoxious nature. Surprisingly Survivor hasn’t been canceled for those same reasons.


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