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Wes Craven Hopes To Prevent Leaks On ‘Scream 4’; Says ‘Scream 2’ Was Re-Written After Early Draft Mysteriously Hit The Web


Ten years after Scream 3 was released, director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson have teamed up again to relaunch the series for a fourth film. The recently released poster bears the tagline. ‘New Decade. New Rules.’ The rest of the cast of the previous film is also onboard. Neve Campbell was a holdout, before signing on in September to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott. Courtney Cox and David Arquette have also signed on. Craven talked about his plans for the new film and the difficulty of preventing script leaks during a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly‘s John Young. Like the three previous films, he said the new one will comment on the current state of the horror genre:

It’s very much about the last 10 years, and where we are right now. ‘New decade, new rules’ is very much the keynote of the film, that is, trying to figure out what sort of rules (the new Ghostface) is following. How do we fight this killer without a road map? We have to figure out where we are.

If  the filmmakers have their way, any information about the movie and its super secret storyline will be kept under wraps until its release date next April. Craven reveals that the production team has taken extraordinary measures to prevent any leaks and said that their goal is not to experience a repeat of Scream 2, when they discovered 40 pages of the script leaked online:

We have been playing CIA with trying to keep everything secret, and we haven’t put any pages out from the current version of the script, except for things we’ve already discarded. Our first experience with casting this time around, the sides [portions of the script used for auditions] that we used were put on the Internet the same afternoon. It was bad back when we made the other movies, too. On Scream 2, we had the first 40 pages of the script show up on the Internet the night they arrived from Kevin, and we had to do backflips to rewrite the opening.

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