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‘What Lies’ In A Thrift Store


The other day I was at the Ark Thrift Shop, sifting through piles of old telephones and novelty mugs, when I came across a curious piece of movie memorabilia: the framed newspaper clipping used in the film What Lies Beneath. There was absolutely no explanation as to why this was randomly placed in the store, but, I must say, I had to do a double-take. “Is that Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford?” I thought. Then I read the newspaper caption: “Dr. Norman Spencer being awarded the distinguished DuPont Chair in genetics.” In the film, the picture plays a pivotal role. It’s the object that keeps getting tipped over by the restless ghost of Ford’s former lover, much to Pfeiffer’s discontent.

For whatever reason, I’ve always had a soft spot for this Robert Zemeckis thriller from 2000. What Lies Beneath a well executed homage to Alfred Hitchcock, perfect for viewing on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But is this photo keepsake worth its $40 price tag? Not sure. It was graced by the hands of Catwoman herself, I suppose. That’s certainly worth something.

For a closer view of the picture, as well as its big scene from the movie, see below.


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