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‘Whatever Works’ for Evan Rachel Wood


Whatever Works is the title of Woody Allen‘s latest comedy but that’s definitely not his attitude when it comes to shooting and casting his films. Landing a part in one of his films is usually an actor’s dream, although, with his habit of  recasting and re-shooting, it can turn into a nightmare. Just ask Anabelle Gurwitch, of Dinner and a Movie fame, who went so far as to make her experience of being fired from an Allen-directed play the basis of a feature length film. And most recently, actress Evan Rachel Wood, who costars with Larry David in Whatever Works, told the New York Daily News, “You hear things about what it’s like to work with him. You know – he reshoots a lot, that people will get fired if it’s not working. That he’ll just say, ‘This isn’t working, I’ll re-cast’.”

She said that she was convinced that she would be fired after noticeably flubbing her first scene. “Knowing I hadn’t done comedy before, I hadn’t met him, I hadn’t auditioned – the first day I was just convinced I was going to be fired. Sweating. I knew I could do it if I could just keep my nerves under control. But the first scene we shot, we ended up reshooting anyway, so you’re not going to see it.” How could a girl who dated Marilyn Manson be frightened of working with a quiet film director? And plus, after seeing Evan in Pretty Persuasion, I’m surprised the Woody wasn’t frightened of working with her.

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