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Matthew Goode And Anthony Hopkins Dish About Past Movies And The Hollywood Scene


When I first saw the ads for last January’s forgettable rom-com turkey, Leap Year, I was surprised to see Matthew Goode as the leading love interest to Amy Adams, who I wasn’t surprised to see. Goode was so, well, good in films like Match Point and, more recently, A Single Man. It seemed like he was on a roll with only being in critically acclaimed projects. Now that it’s a safe distance behind him (one month precisiely), Goode reveals to The Sun why he did take the project and what his opinion is of it:

It’s turgid. I just know that there are a lot of people who will say it is the worst film of 2010. The location was the main reason I took it – so that I could come home at the weekends. It wasn’t because of the script, trust me. I was told it was going to be like The Quiet Man with a Vaughan Williams soundtrack, but in the end it turned out to have pop music all over it. Do I feel I let myself down? No. Was it a bad job? Yes, it was. But, you know, I had a nice time and I got paid.

Something tells me that the executives at Universal, the studio that backed Leap Year, won’t be paying Goode to have a nice time again anytime soon  after those candid comments.

I also enjoy when actors are brutally honest about other actors and/or Hollywood personalities. Legendary thespian Anthony Hopkins never lets me down in that department. He tells The Daily Express UK:

We’re living in a pretty strange time. I went into a shop to buy my wife some clothes and I wanted them gift-wrapped. And they had this big plasma screen on with these women on the catwalk. I thought, ‘God almighty, what have we become?’ These girls — anorexic, walking like machines, no soul.

You look at fashion magazines and you think, ‘What are we living in?’ You look at the red carpet, Paris Hilton, you know, these people and you think, ‘Is there anything going on up there?’ It’s a mass enslavement and it’s kind of fascism. And it’s the androgyny of it; the androgyny of the human soul. I don’t think people think any more. But maybe I’m just old.

No Sir Anthony, you’re just perceptive.

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