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Woody Allen Reteams With Penélope Cruz For Next Movie… So It Might Actually Be Good!

So maybe that headline is exaggerating the case a little. Legendary filmmaker Woody Allen has made so many great movies that, even though his output in recent years hasn’t matched the peaks of his earlier work such as Manhattan and Hannah and Her Sisters, to name only two, it’s impossible to bear a grudge. It’s especially difficult when he has come close to his comedic best in the last few years with both Whatever Works starring Larry David and Vicky Christina Barcelona which featured a revelatory performance from Penélope Cruz who won an Oscar for her role as Javier Bardem‘s  temperamentally challenged ex-lover. Cruz will reteam with Allen on his next movie and she said as little as possible about it in a statement to Entertainment Weekly:

I know [what I’m doing next], but the thing is that I have to ask the director what I can say and what I cannot say. Because he’s very secretive. It’s…it’s a movie with Woody Allen. But I really cannot say anything about the story or the characters.

Let’s hope the fireworks will reignite for the second time. Allen, never one to rest on his laurels, to say the least, has a new movie, Midnight in Paris starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, coming out on May 20th.  By the looks of the trailer it seems like standard Allen fare (with Wilson stepping into the Allen role that Jason Biggs and Kenneth Branagh have attempted in the past with mixed results) but like many an Allen optimist I will probably still give it a shot.

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