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Rob Zombie-less ‘Halloween 3-D’ Postponed, while ‘Halloween II’ Gets a 2nd chance


Rob Zombie‘s Halloween II will be getting a re-release at the end of October for special midnight screenings. The Weinstein Company must have realized how stupid it was to open the horror pic last september, opposite the similarly gory Final Destination. And it could mark Zombie’s swan song with the genre he has become synonymous with. In an interview with the LA Times, Malcolm Macdowell, who stars as Dr. Loomis in the Halloween sequel, said about the director,

He has just done horror films because that’s all they want him to make. For him to get out of that, which he will, is going to be tough. He is a far better director than a horror movie director. The way he looks at the material and the way he gives you reign but also gives you boundaries.”

Zombie may get that chance to break out of the horror-ghetto sooner rather than later. According to Nikke Finke, he’s opted out of directing Halloween 3-D, a production that has been indefinitely postponed. The reason for its delay, according to her source, has nothing to do with cold feet stemming from Halloween II‘s disappointing box office returns or The Weinstein Company’s troubled finances.

Finke says Bob Weinstein, who heads Dimension Films (a subsidiary of TWC) decided that the project was moving along too quickly and called it to a halt after reading a draft of the screenplay. Plans are in place to resume shooting once the script is in order and director Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine 3-D) becomes available again. 

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