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‘Zoolander’ Sequel in Jeopardy?

Tough economic forces have made it next to impossible to get a project that doesn’t involve 3-D or $100 million in CGI effects, or both, green lit through the studio system. In the current climate, it’s no wonder A-list filmmakers like Taylor Hackford and David O. Russell resorted to dealing with shady financier’s like David Bergstein to get their movies made. Now it seems that Ben Stiller is having trouble securing financing for a Zoolander sequel. In March, Stiller said he was excited about filming a follow up to the 2001 cult hit and that a script was in the works. A recent message posted on his Twitter account points to the fact that the project may be more difficult to get off the ground than expected:

Ron Burgundy and Derek Zoolander looking to appear in sequels. Both men destitute, without means or intellect to fund their own comebacks.

In the tweet, Stiller refers to the Anchorman sequel which also seems to be stalled in development. While there may be a built in fan base for a Zoolander sequel due to the fact that it has become a cult hit on DVD, it’s much more difficult these days to convince studio executives to give movies like it the go ahead. Disney has even axed a sequel to The Proposal, which, not long ago, would have seemed like a sure bet. Most of the major studios are looking for blockbusters these days, something that a sequel to Zoolander probably wouldn’t be by a long shot.

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